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I bid you welcome to my site. The comedic legend Jaques Tati once said “Laughter arises from a certain fundamental absurdity”. No one has ever understood what that means. Tati died and never told us. He was like that. But Renoir is not. Renoir is a delight and an improbability. He will bring wonder, joy and levity to your next event, theatrical art enterprise, museum opening, bris, or airplane journey*. Welcome to his site.

*Renoir is a registered E.S.C. (Emotional Support Clown).


  • • bring mirth to the dying child in your soul
  • • illuminate suffering through the artistry of clowning
  • • use a slide whistle to tickle your imagination
  • • try to sweep up a spotlight (classic version)
  • • charge full price if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance
  • • caper and romp, possibly prance


  • • work an event that celebrates anything other than joy
  • • squirt water from a flower
  • • for safety, be in a car with less than 20 other clowns
  • • throw pies, unless they are metaphorical (and cherry)
  • • be responsible for any loss or damage to your dreams
  • • cavort, gambol, frolic OR rollick!
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